Audi Q3 price

Once launched the new Audi Q3, we already know what will be its price. The model will ship with a diesel engine 2.0 TDI 140 horsepower, front-wheel drive both as quattro, and two gasoline engines, a 150 hp front-wheel drive and a more powerful 170 hp, in this case with AWD, using the German manufacturer's quattro system.


After analyzing the main versions, we can say that the total price in the European market will be between 30,000 and 44,000 €, considering that we are talking about the most basic versions. The vehicle will be set with different accessories that can be equipped and to be offered as extras. Among them we can find some like rear side airbags, for 430 €, the rear camera to facilitate parking maneuvers, for 500 € or xenon headlights for 1,200 €. With all this we can get an idea on how you can get to increase its price.


Like other Audi models, the Q3 model offers a number of configuration packages allows us to avoid adding every single element, saving a small amount. Yet it is noteworthy that the basic equipment is quite large, enough for us to drive in comfort and safety. Most of the extras are focused on luxury and distinctive elements, looking for a more luxurious option for the taste of most customers of this brand.


In the case of the Americas, among which we find the United States, Mexico or Argentina, the price is slightly higher. For example, the Audi Q3 2.0 TDI quattro engine you can buy from $ 65,000. Despite this increase, their sales have increased the popularity of the brand in this continent; competing with American brands with less efficient engines, more fuel consumption and emissions, as well as superior performance thanks to advanced engineering.

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