BMW X3 vs Audi Q3

To analyze this article that will make a comparative Audi Q3 will begin reviewing BMW X3 vs Audi Q3, which we had occasion to explain many details of this vehicle. This model was unveiled at the Shanghai, the first SUV brand or as others see it as crossover. The design of the car we can remember the Audi A1, with the slender moon clearly tilted back, lessening the load capacity of about 460 liters of cargo. It offers a choice of four models two petrol and two diesel.

On the other hand we have the BMW X3, leaving the German mark both want this also has a slight advantage, since BMW enjoyed since its inception in 1913. This model could be said to be the little brother of BMW X5 car quite like the clients. Unlike the Audi this is not a small SUV but is rather medium without becoming crossover. What becomes larger dimensions than the Q3.

Let's talk about prices. The recommended price of the X3 and Q3 with more equal benefits. The X3 has a starting price of 42,000 €. The respective model is € 42,470 Audi. Both have a 2.0 TDI with 177 hp.


Audi q3 vs BMW X1


Looking good, these two machines are nearly equal. We both offer incredible performance and looking in terms of comfort: we can admire the two are as comfortable inside.

As two well-known brands worldwide, we expected no less. Some models very well off in our markets. Having a sale than other models of these brands.

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