Ford EcoSport

The new Ford  EcoSport 2012 (more information) has a multitude of useful accessories to help us when driving. Its mechanical structure configuration and present it as one of the most efficient SUVs in its segment. Having a weight of 9.4 kg per cc​​.

Ford has made an attractive and modern image, representing one of the best in its segment thanks to its incredible performance. Has improved the technological aspect using a bluetooth system improved and can play music from the phone's memory, make and receive calls and search the phone book.

We see very little movement within, have an image that we will soon recognize. We left impressed with the fuel consumption as low as it has. As good performance of this car available are still making big Ford brand. Letting the imagination flow in each of his creations have made clear that we strive for great cars available to everyone.


ford ecosport 2012


Inside is where we can appreciate the elegance that reveals the Ford EcoSport. It makes clear its image of elegance and modern, has some accessories visibly improved from previous models. Each day that passes in the laboratories of Ford models teach us more and more stylish, modern and accessible to all sports.

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