Maserati Kubang

Within very little we can do something amazing, we see a trident in a luxury SUV: the new Maserati Kubang (more information). Start a new box is brand new models of SUVs. Maserati took the opportunity at the Detroit show to teach a work of art shown in 2003 as a prototype. Expected since the Maserati showed the public at the Detroit show.

The best thing about this SUV is clear that both may be moved by road and mountain. A great feature for a great brand. What makes us driving this SUV is its great power that lies under the hood.

Suspension, brakes and steering will be 100% Maserati. It never ceases to amaze trident getting ever slimmer models with superior quality. A trident like the previous models will look like this Maserati Kubang. Forward to rename the brand and a striking design. One interesting thing is that inside have opted for simple elegance, few buttons concentrated in the "creme de la creme" of luxury and elegance.
The engine is what people want to know how many horses will have and when will be available?. Well have to say that will be available in 2012 and have two engines one gasoline and one diesel. The gasoline engine will at least v8 280cv diesel and will have at least 220 hp.


Maserati Kubang


Looking at the image that gives Maserati and quality offered to its previous models, expect the same from this new model.

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